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SEO Services

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a new business looking to make a good first impression in the market or an experienced organisation looking to expand your reach, choose an SEO service you can depend on with our experienced team. Our experts have the creativity and technical expertise to drive businesses forward with their marketing, and our SEO agency services are always on hand, no matter your business size or sector. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy that always meets your business needs.

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Our SEO Services

SEO Auditing

Discover your website’s flaws with our SEO auditing service. Using our technical know-how and in-house technology, we can help your brand identify any issues that could impact your website’s rank.

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White Label SEO

You may be an individual or business who doesn’t have the time required to build a client’s presence online through SEO. If you’re in this position, there is one solution: partnering with a while label SEO reseller like us.

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managed seo

Managed SEO

Start your search engine optimisation journey off the right way with our managed SEO campaigns. Work your way up the Google ranks, overtake competitors, and let those all-important customers find you.
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Local SEO

Don’t hide away in your local area! Be loud and proud of our local SEO campaigns that will build customers, traffic, and revenue.
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International SEO

Become visible around the globe with our bespoke international SEO campaigns. Expand to new horizons and discover success in brand new markets.
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Google Penalty Recovery

We create bespoke Penalty Recovery campaigns for clients by using a variety of creative and technical techniques. We specialise in developing successful strategies, even in the most competitive industries.

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Google My Business Optimiser

If like me, you wanted to nail the local market for maximum exposure, then increasing your position in the map pack could make or break your business. This product is designed to help you increase your sales and business faster than any SEO campaign could deliver!

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Google My Business

Every day, millions of people search on Google for businesses. Make your Business Profile stand out and get those clicks for physical shops. For resellers, you can white label for your clients. Get started and improve your click through rate with noticeable results in 30 days!

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Getting visitors to your website is an important step towards success, but a high bounce rate can be a frustrating and expensive result if you use Pay Per Click advertising. We offer conversion optimisation services to convert a greater percentage of your site visitors into real customers.

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Our Expert SEO Services Explained

If you’re a new business, you may not know the importance of SEO, and if you’re an established one, you may think your marketing strategy has already reached its optimum level. We’re here to support you with bespoke marketing campaigns and show you that SEO is an ongoing strategy that can help new and experienced businesses alike. Our team can help you to further your reach within even the most competitive industries.

As an SEO services company, Click Intelligence provides only the top-rated SEO services which adhere to Google’s search requirements. We are here to help you build a specialist strategy that will enable your brand to reach the top rankings. We don’t want you to be overwhelmed by Google’s search algorithms, which is why our expert SEO services take care of it for you.

How Can a SEO Service Agency Help Grow Your Business?

Brand growth is vital for businesses, no matter whether you’re a big or small company, and any business will benefit from dedicated SEO. Our expert approach means our specialists can use creative and technical knowledge to create strategies that work for you. These strategies will help to grow your brand by furthering your reach through Search Engine Optimisation.

This applies to small, local businesses, too. SEO is there to help further your reach, which includes improved foot traffic in your local area.

Our SEO Services Process


Detailed research is key when you’re looking to extend your SEO reach, and this includes keyword research and in-depth competitor analysis. We can help with this by working to fully understand your keyword rankings, your position in the market, and how to best boost your position by understanding forecasts and market projections.


It’s always important to understand where you’re currently ranking in your industry market and to better understand how your business is faring against the competition. Our aim is always to help you stay one step ahead by using our benchmarking analysis.


Our SEO audits mean we can help your business reach the next level by analysing your website and making recommendations on what you should change in order for search engines to crawl your site effectively.

Link Building & Outreach

Improving your reach is also about effective link building. As part of your SEO strategy, we will help with link building activities within blogs and PR to ensure that your brand is talked about.

Reporting & Monitoring

Monitoring the results of an SEO strategy is just as important as the strategy itself to enable your business to learn, change and grow. We provide comprehensive monthly reports to make this easier so that we can tailor the next effective steps.

Our service also includes ongoing support with your audience reach and marketing efforts.

No matter your business size or industry, our team is here to fully support your SEO strategy and boost your brand.

Benefits of Using Click Intelligence for Technical SEO Services

Click Intelligence has a wealth of experience in many industries. We offer our clients full SEO auditing services, website migration consultancy, mobile SEO, SEO strategy, fully managed SEO campaigns, content marketing, link building, PR and strategic reporting.

We have helped many clients succeeded in organic search such as Gumtree, 888 Poker, Crowne Plaza, Love Honey, Ebuyer, Ebay, Holiday Inn, Betway Group, AX Paris, Pearson & Smyths Toys. Find out more about SEO case studies.

Deep SEO Understanding

Our SEO team members have a many years worth of SEO experience each which gives them a deep understanding of SEO and how to get the most out of your SEO campaign.

SEO Strategy & Implementation

SEO planning and strategy is key to a successful SEO campaign. Once the SEO strategy is approved by the client our SEO team members implement the strategy with the help of our wider digital marketing teams

Dedicated Account Manager

Each  SEO client will work with a dedicated account manager who’s goal is to work with the client and the SEO team to meet all the campaign goals and objectives.

Strategic Dashboard Reporting

Each SEO client will have access to our in-house strategic reporting dashboards which are updated in real time to show keyword rankings, channel split, traffic, landing pages, conversions and ROI.

Why Us?

We are a talented digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO with offices in London and Cheltenham. Our one-of-a-kind approach is data-driven, allowing us to provide high-quality and outstanding results for all your SEO and digital marketing needs.

Some of the company we keep

Partners & Accreditations

Case Studies

We have helped many clients succeed in digital marketing, such as Gumtree, 888 Poker, Crowne Plaza, Love Honey, Ebuyer, Ebay, Holiday Inn, Betway Group, AX Paris, Pearson & Smyths Toys.

Our SEO Services FAQs

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO is important because without it, you will simply fail to rank on search engines, regardless of how good your content or service is. This means you’ll get fewer organic customers and will struggle to grow a brand online. SEO allows you to build a digital identity and is critical to the digital success of a business.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

You should start seeing results on your SEO efforts within 1-3 months of the strategy going live, making SEO optimisation an investment for the further, but one that is very worthwhile.

What Is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to all the search engine optimisation techniques that can be implemented on the content of your website pages as well as its HTML. The purpose of on-page SEO is to influence the website’s ranking so that it can obtain more relevant traffic.

Why Do I Need a SEO Service Agency?

Whether you are an established brand hoping to fend off competition or a smaller company looking to grow your market share, our SEO agency specialists have the experience, creativity and technical know-how to develop a bespoke SEO campaign that aligns with your marketing objectives.

What Are Backlinks And Why Are They Good For SEO?

A backlink is a hyperlink, usually attached to a keyword, on one page that links back to your own site. These are crucial for SEO. They help build authority and trust to your website as it signals to search engines that other websites vouch for your content.

What Is The Difference Between Internal Vs. External Links?

Internal links are hyperlinks that link between pages within a single website domain, making your website easier to navigate. External links are backlinks that start from a different website off-page that leads to yours, to improve SEO and authority.

What Is Website Authority?

Website authority is a term that refers to the strength of a given domains SEO and does so by evaluating all the pages within the website. Website authority is also known as domain authority and is scored out of 100.

What's The Difference Between White Hat SEO And Black Hat SEO?

White hat SEO tactics are those that stay within search engine’s terms of service, and are deemed ethical and good. Black hat, on the other hand, are tactics that you should avoid as they go against these guidelines and are usually manipulative and low value.

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