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International PPC Agency

With PPC, you can target people in the UK easily, but what happens when you want to expand your business? This is something many businesses will find themselves wanting to do once they have found solid ground in their own country first.

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International & Multilingual PPC Services Explained

International PPC Can Boost your Brand On a Global Scale.

Your business is likely not the first in your industry to consider expanding globally, nor will it be the last. The tough competition that you will be facing, however, calls for more to be planned in terms of digital marketing and, in particular, PPC. After all, you need to ensure that when you start to offer your products and services to people from Germany or France, for example, that you are able to first be visible enough that they can actually find you.

Here at Click Intelligence, we can help you do just that. Our international PPC services are bespoke to you and your industry, but also the country you are targeting.

Why Does Your Business Need an International PPC Campaign?

International PPC is the next natural step for many businesses looking to grow even bigger than they currently are. There is a huge market out there that are currently not seeing your website because it is not optimised in the right language for them. You need to make sure that it is completely relevant to the audience you are targeting.

Want to target Germany? We will create a bespoke campaign that uses keywords that are currently ranking in German. We will take into consideration cultural differences and colloquial phrases so that the ads are there to do two things: boost your reputation and your visibility.

How Does Our International PPC Process Work?

Expanding globally means the volume of competitors increases that much more, and so you need to find a way of cutting through all of this and making yourself visible to those in need of your services or products. With international PPC, you can do just that.

The different type of PPC ads we create include:

  • Search engine text ads
  • Google shopping
  • Native ads
  • Display ads

By creating targeted ads for countries including France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, we can ensure that your website will receive more traffic from international PPC. When the PPC ads are properly optimised for the right audience, you can push your brand in front of your target audience and watch them come to your website, rather than waiting for them to find your business. You are giving them a reason to use your over any of your competitors, simply because it is right in front of them, and they can read it.

We can help you target the following countries:
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain

Combine your intentional PPC campaigns with SEO strategies, and you will have the results that take your business from strength to strength.

Who is an International PPC management agency suited for?

PPC will work for any business of any size from any industry and is a great way to put your brand directly in front of your potential customers. However, it is also a form of digital marketing that is not a one-off investment. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are already generating sales. PPC is about boosting your sales, not starting them. Therefore, to drive sales, you should first implement other techniques used in SEO that will increase how much you are selling.

What does a good international PPC campaign look like?

We feel that a tailor-made approach to every marketing campaign works better because no two businesses are the same. Our bespoke international PPC campaigns will take into consideration your goals, the industry you work in, and of course, the country that you want to target. These will make your campaign unique, focused and different, meaning that you can start on your journey of competing well against your competitors.

As digital marketing evolves, so will your campaign, and we will endeavour to put these new strategies into place as and when they happen, so your business will stay relevant.

What next?

If you are interested in expanding the number of customers your business has overseas and start making your brand a hit globally, then get in touch with us today to talk to one of our account managers who can get you started with your bespoke campaign.

Benefits of Using Click Intelligence for International & Multilingual PPC

Click Intelligence has a wealth of experience in many industries. Our international PPC campaigns provides you with the ability to define your target audience. As with any campaign, knowing who you are appealing to will help your ads become more relevant to them. This could mean targeting your audience through geographical locations, age, gender, social demographics, and much more. We give our clients recommendations on the best international PPC campaign ad strategy which could be search engine text ads, Google shopping, native ads and display ads.

We have helped many clients succeeded in digital marketing such as Gumtree, 888 Poker, Crowne Plaza, Love Honey, Ebuyer, Ebay, Holiday Inn, Betway Group, AX Paris, Pearson & Smyths Toys. Find out more about PPC case studies.

Deep PPC Understanding

Our PPC team members have many years worth of paid search experience each which gives them a deep understanding of international PPC and how to get the most out of your paid search campaign.

Paid Search Strategy & Implementation

International PPC planning and strategy is key to a successful paid search campaign. Once the PPC strategy is approved by the client our paid search team members implement the strategy with the help of our wider digital marketing teams.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each paid search client will work with a dedicated account manager who’s goal is to work with the client and the PPC team to meet all the campaign goals and objectives.

Strategic Reporting

We are dedicated to delivering long-term, sustainable results for a brand. We continually focus on performance and delivering ROI for your brand, which is why we analyse a campaign through detailed reporting – and we offer full transparency on our approach.

Why Us?

We are a talented digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO with offices in London and Cheltenham. Our one-of-a-kind approach is data-driven, allowing us to provide high-quality and outstanding results for all your SEO and digital marketing needs.

Some of the company we keep

Partners & Accreditations

Case Studies

We have helped many clients succeed in digital marketing, such as Gumtree, 888 Poker, Crowne Plaza, Love Honey, Ebuyer, Ebay, Holiday Inn, Betway Group, AX Paris, Pearson & Smyths Toys.

International & Multilingual PPC FAQs

What Is The Difference Between Organic And Paid Results?

When a marketing strategy is tailored for organic results, it uses SEO techniques to help the brand appear higher up in the search results organically, doing so by improving page authority and link building. Paid results is where businesses can bypass this and instead get a prominent spot within a search result by paying for it, most commonly through a Google ad that appears at the top of the page.

Why Is It Important To Do Paid Search?

Paid search is important because it can provide another way alongside your link building to help drive more traffic to your website from search engines. Furthermore, using paid adverts helps ensure that the type of traffic you’re getting is relevant, as it targets important keywords that are being searched by potential customers.

What Different Types Of Paid Search Are There?

There are plenty of different paid search options that businesses can utilise. The most often used is Google Ads, but there is also Microsoft advertising, display advertising and programmatic advertising. All have their own benefits and interesting quirks, making it a good strategy to use a variety of different options.

Where Will My Ads Appear?

That depends on the type of paid search service you implement. Google Ads will have your adverts appear at the top of search results, display and programmatic advertising will have your ads appear on suitable webpages and blogs that match your niche, and Microsoft ads will appear on Bing as well as devices’ taskbar when opened.

What Is Match Type And What Do Exact, Phrase, Broad And Negative Mean?

When creating a PPC match type, you’re essentially telling Google how you want your ads to match user searches. Exact match types means your advert only appears when your keyword or direct synonyms of that keyword are searched by a user. Phrase is when your ad only appears when your keyword phrase is entered in the exact order of your advert, regardless of if there’s any text before or after that phrase. Broad match is where your advert may appear when any word in your key phrase is searched, in any order, whereas negative types is where your advert doesn’t appear when this keyword is searched.

How Quickly Will I Get Results?

Paid search can take time to work effectively, so you shouldn’t expect to see instant results. Instead, the effects of your paid search campaign should become more obvious after around three months on average.

Is Paid Search Right For My Business?

The majority of businesses will benefit from a paid search campaign, due to how it can help your search engine rankings and attract more customers to your business of a higher value.

Why Should I Use Click Intelligence For Paid Search?

Because we believe no one does it better. With our experience and knowledge, we’ll help your business get the explore and customer base it deserves.

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