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Infographic Design Services

Infographics are an incredible way to convey key stats and figures to your target audience in a quick, easy to digest way. Our design team will take your ideas and create something beautiful, which represents your brand and your information in the best light. We understand your audience doesn’t always have time to read a long article, so we ensure that our infographics quickly and clearly showcase your business as an authority figure in your industry.

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Infographic Design Service Pricing

Infographic Design

  • In-House Research
  • In-House Designers
  • High Quality Graphics
  • 30 Day Turnaround
  • Full Company Branding
  • 2 Revisions Included

From £295

Infographic Design

  • In-House Research
  • In-House Designers
  • High Quality Graphics
  • 30 Day Turnaround
  • Full Company Branding
  • 3 Revisions Included

From £395

Infographic Design

  • In-House Research
  • In-House Designers
  • High Quality Graphics
  • 30 Day Turnaround
  • Full Company Branding
  • 4 Revisions Included

From £495

Our Infographic Design Services Explained

What Is an Infographic?

An infographic uses both images and text, which features facts and figures to tell a story and connect with an audience. It often breaks down what would have been a complicated blog into clear, concise, and easy to understand information.

Why You Should Invest in Infographics

While written content allows you to look deeply into a topic, infographics will attract those that don’t want to read long-form content. It is important to recognise that your audience, while having a similar interest in your product or service, won’t necessarily react the same way to content. Therefore, a combination of both written and visual content is key.

However, why invest in infographics and not just videos and images?

How Does Our Infographic Design Process Work?

With our infographic design service, we aim to make the process as easy as possible. Upon ordering your infographics, we will follow a 4 step guide that offers full transparency the entire way.

Step One: Research and planning

Before we start producing your infographic, we will spend plenty of time researching and planning. A member of our design team will be in touch, and together you will plan the infographic, looking at your brand and the data that is needed or given to us. From this, we can move forward and plan out the options available to you for your infographic.

Step Two: Written outline

With the research and initial plan, our expert designers will produce wireframes. This will include creating a written outline of the key points that will be illustrated so that it will give you a strong idea of what this will look like.

Step Three: Mock-up

With your brand guidelines in mind, as a starting point, and research complete, we will create a mock-up design. This will need to be signed off by you to ensure that you are completely happy about moving forward.

Step Four: Design

Once you have signed off the initial design, and everyone is happy, we will start to transform the data into a stunning and engaging infographic to share with the world.

Advantages of Infographic Promotion

There are several benefits to running an infographic promotion, including:

  • It brings in inbound links
  • Enhances brand recognition
  • Offers social media signals

From this you can be confident that you can:

  • Capture the attention of your audience in an instant
  • Break down confusing information
  • Enhance engagement and communication
  • Share the content

At Click Intelligence, we understand just how important all of this is to achieve. Therefore, our services are here to help you produce the infographics you need. With our help, you could benefit from an increase in traffic and user experience as well as an increase in brand identity. In a time when standing out is key, infographics can play a vital role in this, so don’t hesitate any longer. Get in touch with our dedicated and expert team today.

Infographic Design Services Benefits

Click Intelligence has a wealth of experience in many industries. We offer our clients bespoke content writing services including authority articles, blog writing, copy writing, press release copy writing, web sales copy, product descriptions copy and infographics.

We have helped many clients succeeded in digital marketing such as Gumtree, 888 Poker, Crowne Plaza, Love Honey, Ebuyer, Ebay, Holiday Inn, Betway Group, AX Paris, Pearson & Smyths Toys.

Professional In-House Content Team

Our in-house content writers have SEO specialists and can create custom content for you, whether it’s an article, website copy, product description, or press release.

Fast Delivery

The turnaround will be dependent on the size of your order. However, we always ensure that you have the time to approve and request any revisions that you want before your articles are completed.

Unlimited Revisions

We aren’t happy until you’re happy! If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the content our copywriters have produced for you, let us know and our team will have your order edited to your specific specifications.

Magazine Quality

Our copywriters are talented, and our team is dedicated to producing the best quality articles for you, meaning your orders are magazine quality.

Our Infographic Design Service Process

1. Submit Content Order

Select one of the content packages below and give us a few details about your business, products/services and competition. If you’re not sure, don’t worry! We can advise you on which is the best option for you.

2. Analyse & Research

Our team will analyse your website to understand your business content voice and tone. We will then research your topic and provide informative and engaging content.

3. First Draft

When the first draft is written our expert team of copy editors will proof and edit the content before sharing the content with the client.

4. Approval & Completion

The client will be sent the content for approval. If any revisions are required let us know and we will get this corrected for you.

Why Us?

We are a talented digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO with offices in London and Cheltenham. Our one-of-a-kind approach is data-driven, allowing us to provide high-quality and outstanding results for all your SEO and digital marketing needs.

Some of the company we keep

Partners & Accreditations

Case Studies

We have helped many clients succeed in digital marketing, such as Gumtree, 888 Poker, Crowne Plaza, Love Honey, Ebuyer, Ebay, Holiday Inn, Betway Group, AX Paris, Pearson & Smyths Toys.

Infographic Design FAQs

Do You Work With Your Clients On Edits?

Of course! All of our clients have the final say on the content. Any required edits will be undertaken until each client is happy with the final piece.

Do You Charge Extra For Revisions?

Nope. We’re not happy until you’re happy, which means all our clients have unlimited revisions so that we can create the best content possible for your brand.

Will The Content Be SEO Friendly?

Yes. The content our writers work on will always have best SEO practices in mind, to ensure that the content can positively affect your website’s ranking. We can also provide content that targets pre-determined keywords.

Is The Content That You Write Unique And Original?

The best kind of content is unique content, and that’s why we employ experienced and skilled writers to create interesting and original content that’s bespoke to each client.

What Happens Once I Place An Order?

Once you place an order, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. They will be your point of contact throughout the process, on hand to answer any queries. Our team of content writing experts will start creating your chosen content to the highest quality, fully SEO optimised. This will then be proof read to ensure there are no mistakes and then sent back to you to check. Once you’re happy with the content the order will be completed.

Why Should I Use Click Intelligence For My Content Creation?

Because we’re the best! As a company, we have numerous years of content writing experience and have worked with countless businesses and brands to effectively improve their digital performance, garnering plenty positive reviews and testimonials.

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