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Google Update History

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Google Algorithm Update & History of Updates – 2022 Edition

If you run an SEO campaign, it’s essential you keep on top of all Google’s latest updates. If you don’t react to the Google search algorithm changes, your business could quickly fall behind the competition. Not only that, but learning about new updates helps you to implement the best SEO practices and land on the first page of search results.
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Google Hummingbird Update – Optimization & Recovery 2020 Guide

Hummingbird is one of many algorithm changes and updates to the major search engine’s way of presenting its most accurate results. While these constant updates are always for the betterment of the quality of results, and for the purpose of rewarding those businesses and SEO services which work hard and organically to get their business to the top, the updates also serve to hinder work and content which has already been completed.
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Google Panda Update – Optimization & Recovery 2020 Guide

In February 2011, Google released a new algorithm which would affect an estimated 12% of search results throughout the globe. This new algorithm — or update — was christened The Google Panda, and two months after its first release, it had been made available to the mainstream English-speaking world.
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Google Penguin Update – Optimization & Recovery 2020 Guide

As any Disney fan knows, penguins are cute, fluffy creatures, but if you are a web publisher or SEO professional, you have probably come to hate penguins with a deep and abiding passion. Yes, you guessed it, Google has just released its latest anti-spam algorithm update: Penguin 3.0.
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Google Medic Update – Optimization & Recovery 2020 Guide

Over a billion people use Google’s search engine regularly, and getting to the top of their SERPs is the goal of nearly every site out there. Since its creation, both Google and digital marketing specialists alike have tried to make the algorithm work for them. Google wants to show its users the most authoritative sites that do more than just match keyword searches. As such, it rolls out updates to better their SERP rankings. These updates are not advertised beforehand, nor are they explicitly explained to the SEO industry. So, what do we know about the update?
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